7 Home Repairs that Get Expensive Fast

Home repair is an inevitable expense for any homeowner, but just how much will those repairs set you back? Obviously there are many variables depending on labor and material costs where you live and how extensive your damage or repair needs may be, but it’s helpful to have some idea just how much those issues may cost so you know exactly how many nickels and dimes you need to stash away in order to deal with your home’s next home repair rainy day.

1 – Foundation Repair 12,000+

We’ve all heard that old adage about building our houses on sand, but it turns out you don’t have to make a mistake that obvious to eventually end up with foundation issues. From poor drainage to rogue tree roots to seismic activity, your foundation can be vulnerable to serious problems. You may be tempted to ignore signs of foundation issues, but your foundation can rapidly deteriorate if you don’t address issues promptly, which can make the repair bills go from painful to catastrophic very quickly. So, whether it’s a sudden visible crack in the foundation, or a crack in the wall, call a contractor at the first sign of a problem.

2 – Mold Mitigation $300+

Mold mitigation can be both costly and difficult, but you and your family’s health is at stake if you don’t. And generally fixing the problem is more than a simple matter treating the actual mold, a cost which alone can run into the hundreds of dollars. Sometimes caused by water damage, remedying mold problems means determining underlying causes, and often means extensive replacement of wall boards, floor boards, and sometimes even framing. So that inch or two of mold that you see may require many feet of your wall, ceiling, or floor to be ripped out and replaced in order to thoroughly repair it. For your health and your home, treat mold at the first sign of a problem.

3 – Siding Repais $3,000+

Your house has siding for a reason. It’s there to protect your home from the elements. If that vital layer of protection fails, the cost to deal with the problems can grow exponentially worse. Sometimes siding fails because of external damage which can be simply patched or repaired. This depends also on the type of siding you have. If you have vinyl or aluminum, a simple replacement of a few panels may solve the problem. Likewise with some wood product sidings. However, masonry and stucco repairs can become costly.

4 – Water Damage $400

You might have caught that bath tub overflow just a few minutes after it happened, but water damage has a way of compounding. Always be sure to dry floor, walls, and baseboards as thoroughly if you can after any sort of flooding or water intrusion in your house. Call in a specialist clean up service if needed, they can pull up carpet and bring in large blowers and fans to help eradicate moisture and all the problems it can bring with it.

5 – Septic or Sewer Line Repair $2,000 – $4,000

If you have a septic system, you probably already need to regularly have your septic tank pumped which is costly in and of itself, but it’s septic and sewer line repairs that will really set you back. If you have a septic system, you’re on your own. Some public works departments will help with sewer line repairs, however you are most likely responsible for any issues between your house and the street sewage line hook up. Obviously the length of repairs and replacement will affect cost, but this one is probably going to hit you in the wallet no matter what.

6 – Heater/Air Conditioner Replacement $1200+

We rely on our temperature control systems to make our homes livable, and when they fail, getting them replaced can feel like an emergency. It will cost you, however. Depending on the size of your home and the type of system you have, this appliance replacement can run up to $5,000 and beyond. Be sure you’re changing filters and having regular maintenance done on your hvac systems to help extend their life as far as possible!

7 – Roof Replacement $2300+

There comes a time in the life of every roof that one must say goodbye. Sadly, roof repair is an expense most homeowners will face at least once, and it can be very high priced. Depending on your local building codes or HOA standards, and of course, the square footage of your house, that price can escalate even further. It’s importance to keep your roof well maintained to help it last as long as possible, and to keep your home repair savings full for repairs just like this one.

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