6 Likely Causes of Water Damage

We all know the many ways that Mother Nature can cause flood damage. From hurricanes to increased rainfall to sudden snow melt, natural disasters causing flooding is an easy to see and understand. But what about the flooding dangers from within your home itself? We’ve all heard stories of burst pipes causing lots of extensive (and expensive) damage. Even a small flood in your home can cause structural problems, rot, or mold. And that can mean big repair bills. We’ve got a list of the items in your home that can cause flooding damage so you can double check your maintenance list.


1 – Water Heater

We rely on our water heaters to do their jobs and keep hot water flowing through our taps. Often we ignore them until the water runs cold. Ignoring regular maintenance for your water heater can cause worse problems than just a cold shower, especially if you have hard water. Your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve is vital to your water heater’s ability to function properly, so you should keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance for it. The same goes for recommended anode rod replacement schedules.

2 – Clogged Tub & Sink Drains

We know, cleaning out the tub drain is a disgusting job, but someone really really really needs to do it. It’s no surprise that the bathroom is one of the most likely places in your home to flood, and of course if hardware has been in use for decades it will eventually break down, but many people don’t know how often preventable issues or human error is involved in bathroom flooding. Clogged drains can cause an awful lot of headaches, so stop putting it off and get in there and scoop out that greasy wad of hair before the problem literally overflows!

3 – Poor Roof or Gutter Maintenance

Many people assume water intrusion through your roof happens because of a sudden catastrophic structural failure, but it’s often a small problem that has spread and become worse over time. Damaged flashing, a few missing shingles, a poorly sealed chimney, these are the small problems that can grow worse over time. It can be easy to ignore the little signs of a failing roof system, but fixing those little issues can save you a lot of green over time. So can regular maintenance, like ensuring your gutters are clear and unclogged and that your roof is free of debris or moss and other issues.

4 – Washing Machine

We rely heavily on our washing machines to keep our households running, but sometimes we take for granted the sophisticated job they do once we slam the door closed and start a wash cycle. From failing pumps to simple drain clogs, it’s important not to ignore even a small amount of water leaking from your washer. It’s also important to check hoses and connections regularly as washing machines often move or vibrate which can lead to join failures.

5 – Toilet

We’ve all felt that awful sinking feeling when we see that the toilet isn’t going to flush. And, yes, that can lead to a toilet overflow and flood. But, your toilet can have other issues that lead to flooding. Wax ring seals can fail, leading to water seepage around the bottom of your toilet. A failure in the seal between your tank and the bowl can also cause a flood. A broken float can also cause a huge overflow headache. If your toilet is flowing at unexpected times, or the bowl isn’t filling the way it used to, it may be time to have it checked out by a professional.

6 – Dishwasher

Talk about an appliance that makes life easier! Our dishwashers do a lot of the grunt work in the kitchen, and if you really stop to think about how amazing it is that we can put dishes in clean and after a couple hours pull them back out spic-and-span, this is really a little wonder machine. Still, all that magical cleaning power means a lot of working parts and dishwashers can be a big culprit in flooding. From failed water lines to clogged drains, you should never ignore any signs of water seepage or poor drainage. And if your dishwasher is connected to a sink disposal, make sure your kitchen sink drains are clear and unclogged as well.

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