8 Things Homeowners Should Check Monthly

There are many things homeowners should check monthly, but some are very fundamental. As a homeowner, you might feel like your to-do list is never-ending. The good news is that some simple tasks can help lower your monthly expenses and make your home more enjoyable. 

From weatherizing their home when the seasons change to scheduling seasonal service appointments, there are lots of things that you can do each month to help your home remain in excellent condition.

In this article, I will teach you eight things that every homeowner should do monthly to keep their house in top shape.

things homeowners should check monthly

Check Attic For Leaks

An attic provides a great place to store things, but it’s essential to look in your attic at least once a month. Performing an inspection can tell you if any signs of damage could lead to a fire or other emergency. Your goal should be to inspect the attic before any problems occur.

You should check for signs of a fire, rodent or pest infestation, and insulation damage. It would help if you also made sure that it was well-ventilated. Check for loose nails, missing shingles, or other potential problems by scrutinizing the roof. Make sure doors to the attic are free from corrosion.

Check HVAC Filters

A clean HVAC filter will keep your system running efficiently. Dirty filters can restrict air flow, causing the air conditioning to stop working. 

It’s essential to check the filter monthly and replace it if necessary. Dirty filters also contribute to increased energy consumption, as contaminated air adds more strain to the system.

Most people are not aware that they should be changing their HVAC filters monthly. It would be best if you changed the filters monthly because the filter may quickly become clogged or contaminated, which will affect the heating and cooling of your home. 

Changing your AC filters will save you money on energy bills and ensure that your home is adequately heated and cooled.

Lubricate Garage Doors

All components must be well-lubricated for a garage door to work correctly, including the rollers and hinges. If not, the door can stick or snap when it opens and closes. 

The best way to lubricate these parts is with WD-40 spray. Lubricating car doors is simple enough to do regularly, so they don’t wear down prematurely.

Garage doors that are not adequately lubricated can stick and cause accidents when opening. The door should be lubricated every month by applying silicone spray on the hinges and springs.

Trim Hedges Around AC Units

Trimming hedges around your AC unit is vital for most homeowners. If the air can’t get through, it will run longer to keep the house cool, wasting money and energy. 

The hedges or bushes should be trimmed so that the branches are not touching or blocking the AC unit. Trimming the hedges it will also help keep leaves out of the unit, which could clog it up and cause problems with airflow.

AC units are often placed near hedges to provide shade to the unit. However, this can cause the hedges to grow and block the unit. Regularly trimming these hedges will help keep them out of the way and ensure that they’re not blocking your AC unit.

Clear Snow From Around Vents

Clear snow from around vents. Snow is heavy and can block your furnace vent, causing it to overheat and break down. That can cause a much bigger problem than just not being able to keep the house warm.

It would be best to clear snow from vents, gutters, and downspouts. Snow will eventually melt, but it can cause considerable damage while still fresh. If snow is allowed to accumulate on the roof, too much water will collect, leading to the roof collapsing.

Inspect Sinks And Tubs

Every month, homeowners should inspect their sinks and tubs to see if they are developing any leaks. They should check for hairline cracks or wear marks that may indicate that there is a leak. If they find any leaks, they should contact a plumber or home improvement store to come to fix the problem.

The pipes under the sink or the bathtub can break, which will result in a costly repair. Homeowners should also make sure that they’re draining correctly.

The plumbing in the home will deteriorate over time. Ensure to inspect sinks, tubs, and other plumbing fixtures at least once a month. Use your fingers or a brush to remove soap scum or any brown buildup that may have formed.

Clean Garbage Disposal

One of the most overlooked areas in a kitchen is the garbage disposal. It’s often hard to clean because it’s encased in a metal plate that can’t be cleaned with traditional methods. 

You’ll need to use ice cubes and vegetable oil to clean it. Freeze the cubes, then pour them down the drain until they plug up the blades. Add some vegetable oil, turn on the water, and wait for it to clear out.

The water in garbage disposal could become contaminated and lead to many problems, like mold or smells coming from the drain. By taking a few minutes each month to clean out your garbage disposal, you will be saving yourself from potential problems in the future.

Clean Your Refrigerator 

A dirty refrigerator has been linked to many health problems. Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator will remove harmful bacteria and mold, and food particles that can attract more contaminants. 

Cleaning your refrigerator is a free way to improve the air quality in your home and make sure that everything inside the fridge remains fresh.

A dirty refrigerator is a significant cause of food spoilage. Dirty surfaces in your fridge can harbor bacteria and other microorganisms that contaminate the food inside. Contamination can lead to food poisoning or other food-borne illnesses.

Final Thoughts On Things Home Owners Should Check Monthly

As a general overview, there are many things homeowners should check monthly. Cleaning out gutters and drains, scheduling pest control and home inspections, checking for appliances that need to be repaired or replaced, and having the air ducts cleaned are tasks that can easily slip through the cracks.

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