Tips To Rid Your Home Of Pests Forever

It is the dream of all of us to own our home. For many of us, we spend many years working hard to make this a reality. Unfortunately, we encounter many challenges after reaching that goal. 

Lots of unwanted guests and tenants enter your home and create an uncomfortable situation that needs rectifying. A variety of pests enter the house to create an atmosphere that’s unhealthy and quite frankly, a bit disgusting.

In no time, your home can have termites, roaches just to name a few, and as we know termites eat away at the structure of the home. Let us look at some of the ways we can protect our home from unwanted pests.

Fewer Plants & Mulch

plants background

Plants around the home help decorate the property and make it look beautiful. However, these things can be a disadvantage as pests love to live in such an environment. If you feel that you must have such things on your property, it’s better to keep them away from home. 

Sealing Entrances

Insects are tiny and always seem to find a way to enter your house. These critters usually enter through a window or door; that is why it is wise to make sure you seal your entrances. If you must open your doors and windows, be sure to use insect mesh protection.

Tiny Spaces

Crack in foundation of house

Look for any cracks or gaps that could be an entry into your house. Your home can sometimes expand and contract based on the materials used to build your home. There is also wear and tear that can occur over the years, which can cause small cracks to develop. Pests look for these types of things to gain entry into your home.


Man in business attire cleaning house in the kitchen...

Keeping your home clean from litter and other unwanted trash is very important. Keeping inside your house and around the yard, clean is a great idea. Insects tend to make anything home or a place of refuge until they can find something better suited to them. Keeping your surroundings dirty will only welcome unwanted pests.

Lightbulb Choices

Man changing a light bulb

Have you ever noticed that some insects are attracted to light, and the bulbs you use can make a difference? White bulbs are known to be the perfect attraction for flying pests. The recommendation is to use lights that are orange, yellow, or pink. Another suggestion is halogen lights or those with a sodium vapor. If you use lights outdoor, keep them far away from the house if you can.

Recyclables Hygiene

Sorting Materials for Recycling

It would be best if you stored recyclables properly to avoid becoming the home of pests like cockroaches. Find containers with lids that fit tightly to prevent any bugs from making the inside an abode. You will find keeping them clean and stored away from the house an excellent way to keep pests away.

Inside Inspection

Man surveys damage to inside of home

You may find it necessary to inspect the inside of your home for cracks and gaps. The reason for the inspection is to see if you missed anything while checking outside. You should review any furniture or appliances that remain stationary. Bugs tend to live in areas that face minimum interference. You should monitor pipes or vents in the home as these could be an entryway for insects looking to make your house their home.

Keep Drains Clean

plumber looking under broken sink in kitchen

It is a known fact that smells can attract insects to your house. That is why it is you should keep drains and other outlets around the home clean. The areas in your home that usually have drainage are the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. You can make a drain cleaner using a baking soda and vinegar formula. 

House Cleaning

House cleaning

Cleaning your house and environs often is a sure way to rid it of pests. This practice allows you to touch places that may be unseen, which will enable insects to make a home. Insects are attracted to dirt, food, and other unwanted debris that may be in your house. The more often you clean, the less likely you will have pests.

Food Storage

Canned food in metal cans

You should store food away that isn’t in use as it can attract insects and rodents. Make sure sealed containers with lids are present to avoid an open invitation to these pests. If there is no food available for the taking, eventually, they will go elsewhere.

A careful follow of these tips will help anyone who has issues with pests to rid themselves of the problem. Make an effort to make your surroundings cleaner and healthier; you will be happy you did in the long run. A pest-free house will make a great home.

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