7 Most Common Home Infestations

The most common pest infestations do millions and millions in damage to homes and property every single year. There’s a reason that pest control companies are in more demand than ever. Sure, it’s much easier to blissfully live in ignorance of the infestations that may be taking place in your ceilings, basement, and walls, but trust us, it’s better if you face these problems head on. We’ve compiled a list of the most likely pest infestations you should be on the look out for.

1 – Mice

Humans have been trying to keep mice out of their food stores since time immemorial. Sure they’re cute, and you can keep them as pets, but the human vs mice war still continues to this day. They don’t mean to be a pest, but in the end they want our stuff as much as we do so the conflict will likely never end. Small, able to destroy siding, wall boards, and fall boards by eating it as well as soaking it with their urine if they build a nest, these little fur balls can do serious damage when they infest your house. If you see mouse droppings in your house, take action fast.

2 – Termites

They’re tough to see, but these little bugs can do catastrophic damage to the structure of your house. Watch for vein-like dirt colored termite tubes on your foundation or walls near the wooden structures of your house, and beware little piles of termite droppings around the foundation as well. Especially don’t ignore signs of crumbling wood or wood showing signs of many tiny holes. Termite infestations are a problem you want to catch as early as possible, and one you absolutely need to call a professional to handle.

3 – Squirrels

We know, you love watching them in the park and they’re pretty cute. But squirrels are lot less adorable when they move into your house. Whether they’re in an attic or a crawl space, they can quickly do the same chewing and tunneling damage other rodents do. It’s important to try to spot the squirrel’s point of ingress and try to get it secured as soon as possible before they do serious damage.

4 – Ants

Ants are one of those pests that seem to find their way everywhere. While some ant infestations are more worrisome than others, such as fire ants, or the carpenter ants found in some areas of the country that can do the same sort of damage as carpenter ants, no ant infestation should be ignored. One of the best ways to fight ant infestations is not to leave any food out on counters or tables unprotected and to check the seals around doors and windows, and especially window screens.

5 – Rats

Like their squirrel and mice cousins, rats like the shelter of your home and the food you keep inside it. While a bit larger than mice, rats can often fit through tiny openings in the same way a mouse can. They nest quickly, figure out where your food is stored, and then they’re in business. Because they are larger than mice, their nests can often cause big damage very quickly. If you see signs of rats, consider calling a professional right away rather than trying to deal with it yourself. Rats can elude amateur eradication methods if you’re not careful and just move from spot to spot in your house while you try to catch up.

6 – Cockroaches

Ew. No one wants to deal with roaches. They get everywhere, reproduce with astounding speed and efficiency, and are awfully hard to get rid of. And, as the adage goes, if you see one there are a hundred more you don’t. Keeping your food securely stored can help keep these guys away, but it seems like they can live anywhere and on almost no sustenance whatsoever. You can try to fight them on your own, but that’s often a long and poorly effective prospect. Consider calling an exterminator at first sight and tell them you want them to give this disgusting infestation all you’ve got.

7 – Bed Bugs

Bed bugs. The new old infestation. Once only the province of your grandfather’s tales of yesteryear, these little pests have come back with a vengeance. Often picked up at motels or hotels and transported home in your luggage, bed bugs are not only difficult but also expensive to eradicate. If you’re staying in an unfamiliar bed, look for signs of tiny blood droplets, also known as bed bug droppings, around the edges of the fitted sheet of the bed you’re supposed to sleep on. If you see those drops, grab your bags and run. Or maybe leave your bags. Take no chances with these little devils!

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