6 Household Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

Most people think that the toilet seat is the dirtiest thing in your house.  It is the most obvious choice for people when they think about what is the dirtiest thing in their house.  But if you think it is, you are wrong!  We have compiled a list of things in your house that are dirtier than a toilet seat and here they are –

Cell Phone

We don’t often think about giving our iPhone a good cleaning, but it turns out maybe we should.

Just think about all the places your phone goes with you: into the bathroom, out in the street, even on the sketchy table at your local dive bar. Your mobile phone may have traces of nasty bacteria like E. coli or MRSA. Scientists at the University of Arizona say your mobile can have ten times the bacteria of your toilet seat!

Most phones can be wiped clean with a microfiber cloth, but one of the most effective ways to keep your phone clean is just to wash your hands more often.

Computer Keyboard

Yep. You touch your keyboard constantly. We all know you snack at the computer, and those little crumbs from your potato chips do more than just leave a salty mess. Bacteria can grow in your keyboard’s rich environment of food waste, dust, and dead skin. This problem can be especially bad if your hand washing hygiene isn’t up to snuff. You could be helping to foster an entire ecosystem of nastiness if you’re not careful.

Remember to clean your keyboard weekly, using a brush to remove crumbs and other debris from cracks and crevices.

Cutting Board

Sure, this one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s still one of the most overlooked germ factories in your kitchen. The nicks your knife leaves in plastic or wooden cutting boards can become little canyon havens for bacteria, especially when you use them to cut raw meat.

Clean your cutting boards by first washing them in soap and warm water, then rinsing them in a bleach and water solution to disinfect them.


Your bathroom faucets share a room with your toilet seat, so it makes sense that they could be very dirty, but they are even dirtier than your toilet seat because you touch the faucet handles when your hands are dirty and then again after you’ve washed. You may just be re-contaminating yourself!

But your bathroom faucet isn’t even the dirtiest faucet in the house. Your kitchen faucet may have twice as many bacteria!

Clean and disinfect your faucets often and be sure to think about cleaning your faucet handles before touching them again if you touched them with dirty hands.

Dog Dish

Don’t be too quick to blame Fido for this one. The real culprit here is humans who don’t wash and sanitize their pets’ food bowls enough. Imagine if you were licking the same plate clean and then eating every meal off it for two weeks in a row. Your dinner plate wouldn’t be very clean either!

A good rule of thumb is to clean and sanitize pet bowls after every meal. Try having two or three identical dog dishes so you always have a clean one for Fido’s kibble.


Often three times dirtier than a toilet seat, this one makes sense if you think about it, although not many people realize just how much contamination their handbags receive. You often drop your handbag on the floor of the restaurant, the doctor’s office, and you mostly likely take it into public bathrooms! Your handbag sees a lot of grime and needs regular cleaning to keep from being a bacteria incubator. Avoid dropping your bag on the floor or ground, and follow manufacturer instructions for regular cleaning.

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