6 Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Tidy

Keeping the bathrooms in your house clean and tidy is usually a big challenge, especially if you have kids! From dirty grout to scum in the shower and toiletries lying around on the counters everywhere, it is nearly impossible to keep a bathroom spic and span at all times.

These five tips will get your bathrooms looking clean and tidy in no time and remember, when a bathroom is well organized it is so much easier to keep sparkly clean.


1. Keep your old toothbrushes.

You may think they’re gross and need to be tossed, but old toothbrushes are great for so many cleaning purposes in and out of the bathroom. Use them to clean tile grout in the bathroom around the sink or in the shower. They can also be used on tiles or on the backsplash if it is tiled. Keeping the grout clean in all areas where there is grout will definitely make your bathroom look a whole lot less gross!


2. Damp towels

We all know you should reuse your bath towels to help save water and energy, but after a few uses, it’s time to toss them in the laundry. No wait, not yet! Before you wash it, your damp towel can actually be a great quick cleaning tool. Grab it and wipe down your shower faucets, walls, and doors or do a quick swipe across your floors. You may buy yourself a day or two before you need to give those surfaces a deep clean.

3. Drawer dividers.

You can use kitchen drawer dividers in your bathroom. The dividers that you use for silverware and other odds and ends in your kitchen can be used in the drawers of your bathroom. They are perfect for storing toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, makeup, and other small items in your bathroom drawers. They also serve an additional function of protecting your drawers from moisture like they do in the kitchen.

4. Cleaning after a shower

You can do a quick cleaning of your bathroom every few days right after your shower. If you take fairly hot showers it helps, because the steam that condenses on all the surfaces in your bathroom after the shower makes them easier to wipe down. The mirrors, the faucet, the sink, and the countertops will be much easier to clean with the layer of steam.


5. Storing larger toiletries

You should keep all your larger toiletries such as lotion, hairspray other hair products, etc. inside a larger bin or box, and store that under your sink. You can then pull it out and use everything and then put it all back when you are getting ready everyday. It makes it easier to find these larger items and keeping the clutter hidden.


6. Cleaning your toilet with soda

Call myth busters! Can this one be real? We have seen this all over the internet. You can clean your toilet using flat cola. It sounds odd, but loads of people swear by it! You simply pour in a can and walk away for thirty minutes. Come back and flush. This is supposed to make your toilet sparkly clean.

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