4 Ways To Make Your Fridge More Energy Efficient

Keeping your fridge energy efficient is a tricky task. In the summer months when the heat is rising your fridge can get even less efficient. We have compiled a list of ways to help keep your fridge running efficiently which will in turn keep your electricity bill from rising.

Keep It Full

Your fridge will generally run more efficient when there is more stuff in it. If you do not have enough food to keep your fridge full at all times, you can easily accomplish this by filling pitchers of tap water and placing them in the open spaces in your refrigerator. This will make the fridge run more efficiently because its not trying to cool all that open space. Also a good side effect of this is that you will have lots of chilled water on hand for those really hot summer days.

Vacuum/Dust Rear Coils

Most people think that cleaning your fridge is limited to simply the inside and front facing exterior. However, pulling your fridge out from the wall and cleaning the dirt and grime out of the coils will help with the efficiency and maintenance of the fridge. Newer fridges will have the coils at the bottom front behind a grille. You can use a vacuum to clean the exposed coils and also vacuuming the space where the fridge resides.

Check And/Or Replace Door Seal

Having an air-tight fridge is very important. You can use a thin peice of paper to test to see if your seal is losing air. Simply hold it near the closed door of the fridge and see if it flutters or moves at all. The seal is made of rubber or plastic and can be easily replaced on your own without having to call a refrigerator repairman to have it repaired.

Let Food Cool Off First

One of the most commong mistakes people make is putting food that is not cooled first into their fridge. When you do this the refridgerator will de doign double duty to cool it down. Remember it is sealed so anything being put in can change the overall temp in the fridge especially when staking warm food on other food that was already in there. Always let your food sit for as long as possible before putting it in the fridge.

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