3 Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Keeping your lawn nice and green and well maintained can be a very arduous job.  Depending on where you live several factors like heat, amount of rainfall and length of seasons will also matter when it comes to upkeep.  People often make silly mistakes in their lawn care routine and we have compiled a list of 3 common mistakes most people make.  Avoiding these mistakes will help keep your lawn green and healthy.




Cutting Your Grass Too Short

Most people tend to just cut the grass short as a way to not have to mow too often.  However, this may harm the grass and not allow it to process light and water and develop a healthy root system. It is recommended that you cut no more than one third of the blades of the grass on a single pass.  Doing this will allow the lawn to become fuller and more attractive to the eye.




Only Planting One Type Of Seed

It is not an easy taks to choose the type of seed to use on your lawn. IT often depends on where you live and what the wetaher is like. Make sure you always plant a variety of seeds rather than just one type of seed. This helps your lawn grow better because the strenghts and weaknesses of each seed will offset each other. Mixed seed lawns are great for climates that are more harsh with lots of weather changes.



Watering At The Wrong Time

Most lawn care experst recommend watering your lawn early in the morning. Since water evaporates as heat rises this makes the early morning a good time to water as compared to the middle of the day. For best results the water needs to soak the soild down to 6 inchses deep. You can cause a small shovel to dig a small hole to test how deep the water is penetrating your soil and how long ti takes to get to 6 inches.

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