Great Inspiring Ideas for a Studio Apartment

Here you can check out a beautiful studio apartment with major style that prove you can have it all in a small place. A uniform color palette keeps a small space from feeling too busy. A palette of gray is consistent and soothing, while the shag rug and wood trim add textural interest without competing with the color scheme.


The glass partition in this studio takes away some of the privacy but also creates a very airy and open feel, so don’t hesitate to transform your apartment into a spacious and airy one.


The living room should be the place designed for relaxing sessions so a comfy leather sofa would be a great idea for your redecorating plan. Don’t forget about your favorites books and a hot cup of green tea.


In a tiny apartment a great way to store your personal things without cluttering your room is to place into a corner a medium wardrobe that is spacious enough to hold your books, collections or even some clothes. Try to use different boxes to keep little things as a decorative item.


When it comes about bedroom you have to keep the same style based on simplicity and a neutral color pallete. The combination between creamy pillows and white sheets is always the best idea for your sleeping space.


When you’re done with your living room decorating you can put your eyes on a  kitchen design that fits with your whole space…and what it could be better than wooden shelves hanged beautifully on a white wall?


The last point on your redecorating list could be your entry hall, designed in a simple way, with a white hanger, and some little wooden chairs that keeps the same creamy white combination.



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