9 ways to add texture to your bedroom

Here you will find nine different ways to turn your boring and uninteresting room into a colorful one by adding an infusion of textures and patterns.

1. Choose a very textured bed blanket that creates a smooth contrast between your bed and your room. Use your imagination and combine soft and tiny pillows with a comfy blanket.

pattern 9

2. Keep the same color line into your space and go for neutral tones like pale brown or creamy white…it will transform your bedroom into a relaxing and airy corner.


3. Even if we talk about bedroom decoration black and white couple is still in, so don’t hesitate to embrace a classy style for your interior design.

pattern 11

4. If the most of fabrics doesn’t fit your style, consider a tufted blanket that will transform every nap into a fluffy dream.

patterns 3

5.  A great way to bring texture to your bedroom is to decorate with eye-catching pieces…from colorful pillows to unique designed covers.


6. To wrap and surround a room in a soft texture opt for retro details that go hand in hand with your furniture. You’ll see how your room becomes airy and full of calmness.

pattern 10

7. A pale blue textured blanket could be perfect for redecorating your space. Combine it with a natural wooden bed and you will love this look for sure.

pattern 4

8. We all know that grey tones are perfect for a lightsome room so drape your bed with different shades of white and neutral grey.


9. Use unique designed pillows on a simple blanket inspired by your vintage liking…you can express your own style through these simple details.

last pattern



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