Create your perfect attic bedroom

From a modern design to a rustic enviroment here are plenty of ways to make a loft interior all your own.If you manage to use your space creatively your home will become unique in the way you decorate and celebrate your space.Designing a place like this involves a lot of challenges that reveal and express your style. By putting together a list with the most beautiful attic rooms out there, we figured out for you a starting point in decorating.

If you want to obtain the illusion of a spacious room you can go for combination between white walls and playful colored floor.Don’t forget about your little attic that can be transformed easily by adding a comfy sofa into your favorite bedroom.

If you are in love with all that means vintage you can opt for a rustic corner that has a theme based on neutral colors and wooden elements. A great idea for holding your books it would be to use also shelves from natural wood.

brown attic


attic 5

When it comes about loft decorating the best combination is based on white and natural wood which express simplicity and calmness at the same time. If you want to get an airy space try to use less furniture and decorating elements…this will offer you an escape session from your daily activities and the sensation that you are in a long holiday.

attic 7


perfect attic

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